Benign Cysts

A cyst is an anomalous fluid-filled pocket that can develop on different parts of the body such as: the genitals, internal organs and the skin. Cysts can range in size; on one side of the spectrum they may be a small sac and on the other side of the spectrum they may develop into a large, heavy bag that contains litres of built-up fluid.

  • Swelling: It is common to experience swelling around the area where the cyst has developed.
  • Pain: Cysts are not always painful, however some individuals may experience painful cysts.

Cysts have been known to form for no visible reason, however some cysts developed due to:

  • An impact injury that causes a blood vessel to burst
  • A parasite
  • Inherited diseases
  • Infections
  • Defective cells
  • Blocked ducts, which cause fluid build-up

A cyst may appear as a bump on the skin or may feel like a small bump if the cyst is growing just under your skin. If you notice any unusual bumps or lumps, get into contact with your doctor as soon as possible because cysts can be cancerous.

Cysts do not usually cause the body to have problems unless the cysts are:

  • Infected
  • Growing in a sensitive area
  • Disrupting the function of an organ
  • Impinging on a nerve or blood vessel
  • Large in size

If benign cysts are left untreated they can cause serious issues including:

  • Infections: The cyst fills with pus and bacteria and if it bursts inside the body there is a risk of blood poisoning.
  • Peritonitis: If an internal cyst pops there is a risk of developing peritonitis, the inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall.
  • Medical: A doctor can drain the cyst using a needle. Medication such as cortisone injections may be prescribed by your doctor in order to reduce cyst inflammation. Surgical removal of cysts may be necessary if draining does not work or if the internal cyst is hard to reach and requires attention.
  • Home care: Cysts have been known to go away by themselves, in some cases. However by placing a warm towel on a cyst can speed up the healing procedure by helping the cyst to drain.