Vulval Care

Vulval Care

  • Do not use perfumes, soaps, fragrance or apply powder.
  • Do not shave – laser hair reduction/waxing is better
  • Do not wear tight fitting underwear, g-strings, or pants.
  • Do not wear pads or panty liners just in case.
  • Do not use thrush medication just in case.
  • Do wash with water, if necessary use Sorbolene or QV lotion. Apply vaseline or zinc cream as a barrier after wiping when going to the toilet. Wear only cotton underwear, which is loose fitting. Dry the area with a hair dryer after washing, if you have an increased body mass index. Wear long skirts/nighty at home, without any underwear.
  • Do use vegetable oil as a lubricant – most commercial products contain alcohol or preservative.
  • Do report any smelly or discoloured vaginal discharge.

Do report any post-menopausal bleeding, mid-cycle bleeding or bleeding after sex.



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