Rationale Skincare

A woman’s health and beauty are forever intertwined, which is why our founders created FBW. Our practice allows us to expand our reach and provide head-to-toe health and beauty services to women.


Among our most essential tools for helping women maintain their youthful complexion is professional skincare. We pamper our patients with beauty products that harness the best of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals into a single formulation. They’re known as

Cosmeceuticals: Products that make skin beautiful by keeping skin healthy.

At FBW, we offer the Rationale skincare line, a top choice of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and doctors across Australia. The company’s products help skin to achieve its natural and genetic potential to glow. The formulations make use of proprietary skin-identical ingredients and isotropic technology that gives skin an unsurpassed luminosity.

Why women choose FBW for skin-saving products and treatment

Rationale, like many of the cosmeceutical and skincare treatments we offer at our practice, are clinical grade. That means they contain the highest allowable concentrations of key ingredients that promote beautiful skin. Over-the-counter cosmeceuticals are far less effective, and are often bad for the skin.

At FBW, our team includes medical doctors and expert skincare specialists who have the knowledge and training to use clinical grade Rationale cosmeceuticals safely and effectively.

Why our clients love Rationale Isotropic Formulations

Over the past 20 years, Rationale has provided doctors, dermatologists, and skincare experts throughout Australia with scientifically validated, long-term solutions to women’s skin health and beauty concerns. They are uniquely formulated to actualise the natural and genetic potential of skin, employing skin identical ingredients and isotropic technology to make skin radiant, glowing, and luminous.

Clients at FBW are thrilled when we tell them that Rationale delivers skin benefits that include:

  1. Targeted delivery of active ingredients
  2. Preservative-free products
  3. Optimised cell-to-cell communication
  4. Fortification of barrier function
  5. Synergistic layering of each product to achieve maximum skin vitality and luminosity
  6. Hydrating formulations that revitalise enzymatic function and skin moisturisation
  7. Decreased skin sensitivity

FBW skincare specialists explain how cosmeceuticals help sensitive skin

One problem that brings many women to FBW is sensitive skin caused by impaired barrier function. Normally, the skin’s barrier function keeps it from becoming dry or irritated. Factors such as genetics and climate can diminish barrier function, and so can irritating skincare products that leech lipids (sebum) from the skin and cause irritation.

To avoid the irritation associated with sub-standard ingredients, Rationale cosmeceutical skincare is made with pure, natural, skin-loving ingredients that do not irritate the skin. The skin specialists at our practice know that Rationale Skincare:

  • Can assist in re-fortifying the skin’s natural defences
  • Is gentle enough to be used after skin resurfacing treatments including IPL and peels
  • Is appropriate for patients with sensitive or reactive skin

Rationale Skincare’s ‘Essential Six’

Rationale Skincare is an evidence-based beauty company that emphasises research and results in its development of products. Always on the leading edge of skincare innovation, the company’s research and development team constantly evaluate new ingredients, technologies and delivery systems.

The goal is to push the envelope of innovation and perpetually set higher benchmarks in efficacy and cosmetic elegance:

“Human skin is always our guiding light. We send out samples to major dermatology and plastic surgery practices around the country. If the feedback is 100% positive we go into production. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.” – Rationale Skin Care

Rationale Skincare’s Essential Six line allows the skincare experts at FBW to create customised treatment regimens for our patients, regardless of skin type. Rationale delivers the right combination of powerful, clinically proven active ingredients. Those ingredients are customised to be delivered in the precise concentration that is best recognised by skin cells and used to create maximum skin vitality and luminosity.

The treatment combines three skincare products used in the morning for complete protection, with three additional products used exclusively at night to repair damage that has occurred throughout the day.

Rationale is manufactured in Australia where protection from the sun is imperative for all of us. Our skincare specialists find Rationale to be extremely effective at slowing and even reversing the damaging precancerous and ageing effects that the sun has on skin. In our experience, Rationale skincare products:

  • Diminish sun damage
  • Correct pigmentation irregularities
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Restore skin health
  • Enjoy greater skin radiance

Visit FBW for superior skincare products from Rationale

Cosmeceuticals perfectly fuse the beautifying aspects of traditional skincare with the skin health benefits of pharmaceuticals. To learn more about how Rationale cosmeceuticals can restore the glowing complexion you want, contact FBW on (08) 8297 2822 to get the facts from a knowledgeable women’s skincare specialist.