Pap Smear

A Papanicolaous smear, or Pap smear, is test to observe precancerous changes of the cervix.

The procedure involves a small spatula and brush that collect cells from the cervix and vagina with the help of a speculum to widens the vagina opening and view of the cervix. The cells are sent to a medial pathology. If abnormalities are detected or suspected a second appointment is made for further investigation.


If a Pap smear is positive, a colposcopy may be performed, which involves examining the tissues of the cervix, vagina and vulva with a colposcope. A colposcope is a special instrument that uses lenses to magnify the areas, helping distinguish abnormal from normal tissues. A biopsy, which involves taking a tissue sample, may also be performed and delivered to a laboratory for accurate analysis and conclusive diagnosis.