Augmentation of Labia

Labia Majora is the skin area on both sides of vulva which contains hair-bearing skin over a fatty pad that is continuous with the Mons Pubis. Labia majora augmentation is a procedure to correct the deflation that has happened due to time and ageing, such as loss of fat, and change in the quality of skin and colour.


There are two options in order to increase the volume and overcome the deflation:

Using Autologous Fat:

In this procedure patient’s own fat is used which is natural and may lead to permanent result. However, results are variable in patients and can be disappeared in some patients. Fat availability is another important factor; some patients have the least available fat for replacement.

Using Fillers:

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the main fillers that are used for the augmentation of genitalia. They are used for temporary purposes; however, they are readily available and procedure of applying them is quick, simple and painless.


The procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Commonly the fat is removed from the body via tumescent Lipo-sculpturing procedure.

In this procedure, a combination of local anaesthetic and adrenaline which is called tumescent inserted into the area which fat is removed and then fat is suctioned out. In the next step, the fat is processed and washed with a double antibiotic solution. Prepared fat is injected into the labia majora by using a special cannula.


After the procedure there might be some bruising, swelling, pain and loss of sensation in the treated area. Sensations in the area return once nerves start to regenerate feeling, swelling may last up to several months and pain is treated by prescribed medications.

The process and duration for recovery may vary from person to person. The results of the procedure can be seen after several weeks.

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