FBW Gynaecology Plus offers a truly holistic approach to women’s health and wellness, providing both traditional medicinal solutions as well as naturopathy services.

What is naturopathic treatment for Gynaecological Concerns?

Naturopathic treatment of gynaecological concerns is an approach which seeks to discover the root of many feminine health challenges, to educate the patient and empower them towards making real change in their lives that will sustain long-term well-being.


Recognising the importance of diet infertility, FBW Gynaecology Plus offers guidance and natural solutions for weight loss and wellbeing. With studies showing that losing as little as 5% of body mass having a positive impact on fertility and successful ovulation, we have incorporated wellness regimes and solutions that enable patients to embark on a weight loss journey with guidance and tools that support them every step of the way.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The FBW Gynaecology Plus Naturopathy Service offers additional treatment options and solutions for symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) caused by hormonal imbalances. By providing diet and lifestyle solutions centred around this common health concern, many patients can lessen the effects and symptoms of their condition.

Our collaboration with Dr Ross Walker

As one of Australia’s most respected cardiologists, with over 35 years’ experience, Dr Ross Walker has spent the last 20 years focusing on preventative cardiology and preventative health. Dr Walker is a strong advocate of FBW Gynaecology Plus and our approach to women’s health.

Both Dr Walker and FBW Gynaecology Plus seek to find the cause of many common health conditions and to provide patients with the tools and knowledge to prevent further medical issues caused by increasingly busy lifestyle choices.

As one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, Dr Walker is the Author of seven best-selling books, a popular health presenter in Australian Media, including regular appearances on the Nine Network, The Today Show, A Current Affair, Sky News and Switzer Business. His wellness products are stocked in some of the most respected practices in Australia including our clinic.

Dr Fariba Behnia-Willison and the FBW Gynaecology Plus team are pleased to be currently working on an exclusive new and natural product range with Dr Ross Walker while supporting each other in promoting sustainable health and wellness solutions.

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