Gynaecological Surgery

A leader in her field, Dr. Behnia-Willison pioneered Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery in Australia and performed the first Single Port Mesh Hysteropexy in the world, resulting in shorter hospital stays and minimising the risk of infection and bleeding during surgery.

Dr. Fariba Behnia-Willison graduated from medical school in Germany, completing Obstetrics and Gynaecology training in Sydney where she sub-specialised in minimally invasive surgery and advanced laparoscopy in the treatment of endometriosis, prolapse and incontinence. She went on to gain a Masters in Minimally Invasive Surgery at Adelaide University and has since commenced her Robotic Surgery training at Ashford Hospital in South Australia.


Laparoscopy – also known as keyhole surgery- uses a slender lighted laparoscope to assess the inside of the pelvic area through a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

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Prolapse Surgery

Vaginal prolapse may seem overwhelming but there are various prolapse surgery options to help you achieve the results you desire.

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Generally, a hysterectomy is carried out when other treatments have not resulted in any desired improvements.

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Intercourse pain or dyspareunia, is the experience of pain in the pelvic area during and immediately after A hysteropexy or uterine suspension means to lift or suspend the uterus surgically. Hysteropexy is usually performed for uterine prolapse but can also be undertaken for infertility and intercourse pain.

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A cystoscopy is a procedure undertaken to examine the inside of the bladder and the urethra. A hollow tube called a cystoscope, contains a camera that is inserted into the urethra towards the bladder.

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A hysteroscopy is performed using a hysteroscope, which is a thin tube inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and uterus. The procedure is undertaken either as a diagnostic or operative.

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Reversal of Female Genital Mutilation

Over 80,000 girls and women in Australia are negatively affected by Female Genital Mutilation or FGM. Every 17 seconds a child is mutilated in the world. The cost to a woman to have a reversal surgery overseas is over $20,000, hence the need of a centre in Australia.

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Vaginoplasty is commonly referred to as designer vagina or vaginal rejuvenation. However in the hands of pelvic floor surgeons Vaginoplasty is categorised as a reconstructive aesthetically pleasing procedure for the abnormal labia and vaginal laxity.

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Labiaplasty surgery, also called Labioplasty, is a surgical procedure which is carried out on the labia minora to reshape misshapen or unusually large labia minora.

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