What to Bring

So that you and our specialists are prepared for your consultation and can make the best use of your time, it’s best if you review the information below.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  1. A referral letter addressed to the doctor you are seeing (that clearly states the reason you are coming to see the doctor). If you are seeking treatment for fertility, both you and your partner will each need individual referral letters. We must have this before the appointment.
  2. Any relevant pathology or radiology or other medical history/surgery.

New Patient Information

Welcome to FBW Gynaecology Plus. There are a range of services available to you and the information below is aimed to provide you a brief overview of these services and treatments which are offered in rooms. Please refer to our website for further information.

We also stock supplements for a more natural approach to improving health care. All our supplements are evidence based and have been proven by research. These are practitioner only supplements.

What to expect in rooms:

Vaginal Examination

As part of the doctors assessment a vaginal examination may be performed, involving a speculum and digital examination.


An internal ultrasound may be performed by the doctor as part of a comprehensive assessment.

Contraception Management

The doctors can provide education and support around contraceptive advice and treatments. The doctors are proficient in the insertion and removal of Implanon and Mirena contraceptive devices.



This is the examination of your cervix under a microscope following an abnormal Cervical Screening Test. This involves painting the cervix with 2 different solutions and a biopsy being collected for histopathological testing.

LLETZ Procedure

LLETZ is the excision of an affected part of the cervix following abnormal Colposcopy results. This procedure can be either performed in rooms or in theatre.

Endometrial Biopsy

This is the collection of a sample from the lining of the uterus for histopathological testing.


This is the testing of your bladder function. It involves the insertion of catheters and takes approximately 30 mins in rooms. These can determine causes of incontinence and help direct treatment of surgical and non surgical options.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Our doctors are laparoscopic surgical specialists. They are proficient with the latest surgical procedures to reduce scarring and decrease recovery times.


If you need a hysterectomy our doctors can counsel you about the best surgical approach to suit your needs and provide the best long-term outcomes.

Labial reconstruction / modification

If you concerns about the shape and size of your labia our doctors are happy to discuss your options and assist you with treatment.



1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence at some point in their life. FBW Gynaecology Plus has treatments available to you to improve and diagnose bladder function.


The doctors can discuss non-surgical and surgical options for the management of your fibroids and its symptoms.

Ovarian Cysts

If you have been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst the doctors can design a management plan for you.

Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal can be very disruptive to your day-to-day routine and affect your relationship. Feel free to discuss these issues with our doctors who can help.

Post-Menopausal Bleeding

If you have experienced Post-Menopausal Bleeding this is a sign that needs to be taken seriously and investigated. There can be multiple causes and the doctors at FBW Gynaecology Plus can investigate, diagnose and treat the cause.


Endometriosis is a complex condition that can make a huge impact on your quality of life. Speak with our doctors who can assist with surgical and non-surgical treatments of endometriosis. It may take a multifactorial approach to achieve results to improve your quality of life.

Pelvic Pain

Pain can be debilitating and causes can be difficult to assess and treat. Our doctors treat pain from a holistic point of view, and may recommend a variety of treatments in combination to achieve an optimal outcome.


Dr Nguyen has a specialty in infertility treatment. Infertility can be frustrating and confusing. Dr Nguyen can assist in diagnosing and designing a plan to assist you achieving a pregnancy.  (Partners as well).


Many women of all ages suffer from prolapse. This is not something that just happens to older women and is not something that you need to suffer from. Prolapse can cause pain, and affect bodily functions. FBW Gynaecology Plus offers non-surgical and surgical treatments to reduce the symptoms and resolve the prolapse.

Weight reduction/BMI

Please discuss possible treatments that are available for you.  A decrease in BMI makes your surgical procedure easier and recovery quicker.

A decrease in BMI /weight improves your fertility.  Good for overall general wellbeing.


Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS)

This is a non-invasive treatment for overactive bladders.

Regenerative Treatment of the Pelvic Floor

We offer a range of treatments to rejuvenate the pelvic floor such as CO2 laser, radiofrequency and plasma therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

In consultation with your doctor a tailor-made HRT treatment can be formulated to suit your needs. HRT can incorporate creams, gels, patches, medications and implants.

Magnetic Chair

The chair emits an impulse through the seat that causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract. The contraction of these muscles improves the strength of the pelvic floor which can help reduce the effects of prolapse and improve continence.

Allied Health & Wellbeing:


We have physiotherapists to provide pelvic floor education, exercises and treatment.

Wellness Assessment

We have a Naturopath who attends clinic once a week to provide holistic care to her patients. She helps women manage endometriosis pain, obtain hormonal balance, and improve immune system health.


We have a visiting Nutritionist who can assist with weight management  and nutrition that can improve specific conditions ie endometriosis.

For further information please discuss with the Specialists at FBW Gynaecology.